Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding Officiant's Comments on The Film "Django Unchained"

I saw the film Django Unchained this week. Although there is controversy about the movie, as a Wedding Officiant I liked it. In particular I liked Django (the main character, played by Jamie Fox), and Broomhilda, (or Brunhilda in German, the main character’s wife played by Kerry Washington). They were torn apart by slavery, yet their love and devotion to each other was committed and strong. As an African-American woman this was the first time in my sixty-two years that I saw a film that dealt with slavery where a black man encountered great danger to save his wife. When Django rescued her I could see her proud in her body language as she waited for him on her horse before they rode off to freedom. In my mind I could hear her saying, ‘My man knows how to take care of business!  He loves me and as much as I love him’.

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